CARE is a global confederation that has been fighting poverty and social injustice for over 75 years. From the very outset of the crisis in Ukraine, CARE launched one of the largest humanitarian deployments in Europe in the last 50 years called CARE FOR UKRAINE. This action was made possible by funding from the global confederation CARE and local coordination by SERA Romania Foundation with the support of CARE France and FONPC (Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for Children). Coordination at national level was done by SERA Romania Foundation – a non-governmental, non-profit, private organization that has been active in child protection and promotion of children’s rights in Romania for 26 years. 

The war in Ukraine has required extensive immediate and long-term support actions in countries bordering the conflict. In Romania, SERA has coordinated, together with its partners, over 35 different direct aid projects, from the infrastructure needed to receive refugees at the border to the coordination of food and medicine convoys to Ukraine, but also management of refugees settled in Romania, providing specific support related to food, shelter, psychological, legal and medical assistance, training and facilities for children, social and educational inclusion, etc. In two years since the beginning of the conflict, CARE has offered support to 131.941 Ukrainian refugees in Romania, 11,912 in the Republic of Moldova and 69,314 vulnerable people trapped by the war on Ukrainian territory to whom 375 tons of aid were sent.






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