ALIAT is a non-governmental and non-profit association founded in 1993. The main area of work of ALIAT is the prevention of alcohol and other drugs use and abuse, treatment for the addicted people, training for professionals working in the addiction field and advocacy regarding public policies and national legislation in the field of addiction. ALIAT is a founder of Romanian Harm Reduction Network (RHRN). „Harm Reduction” is a public health policy, aiming to reduce the risks associated with drug use. Since 1999, ALIAT has developed prevention and treatment programs for addicted people, offering its accumulated expertise in this field to families, schools, communities and institutions and helping tens of thousands of people affected by alcohol or drug addiction. They are present in 5 hospitals in Romania (AlcoHelp program), they have both a mobile application (AlcoHelp App) and a telephone line through which they can be contacted (AlcoLine), as well as ALIAT clinics in Bucharest and Suceava.

ALIAT provides psychological support to adolescent and adult Ukrainian refugees through information campaigns and mental health workshops to prevent substance abuse that can occur in traumatic situations. The association also offers refugees the opportunity to receive psychiatric treatment and therapy, based on a partnership with specialized clinics in Bucharest.