Carusel Association was founded in 2011 with the aim of offering, out of the need for solidarity, social and medical services to people in situations of extreme vulnerability. Formed by activists and professionals in the field of risk reduction, Carusel has intervened with immediate and long-term support for beneficiaries such as homeless people, drug users, people who practice commercial sex, people in extreme poverty or at risk of social exclusion, those living with HIV, TB or other infectious diseases, victims of abuse, those who are undocumented or without healthcare benefits and many others.

Carusel coordinates a refugee center in Bucharest where it offers to the Ukrainian refugees food, hygiene products, psychological and medical counseling, but also provides various educational activities for young people. The Carusel team ensures awareness of the dangers of human trafficking and organizes group or individual counseling sessions, or information sessions about the rights of refugees in Romania.