The Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for Social Services was established in 2014 and brings together 44 organizations from Romania with recognized activity in the field of social services. FONSS assumed the role of lobbying and advocacy for policy change and the sustainable development of social services and it is set out in making changes at local, regional and even national levels. Two of the main directions of action are increasing the involvement of NGOs in public policies and in the decision-making process in local, regional and national government and developing the capacity for advocacy and the role of watchdog (ensuring the monitoring of the activity of local authorities, citizenship involvement and the promotion in the community of the decisions taken by the authorities).


FONSS coordinates a humanitarian center in Iași, offering Ukrainian refugees medium or long-term accommodation, food, hygiene products, but also social services and therapy for children with psychological development delays. It also supports strengthening the logistical capacity of organizations and volunteers dealing with daily waves of refugees.